Faith 7 10 18cFaith- Available

Here is another darling cream colored female named Faith.  Her dark ears stand out against her lighter colored coat. Her tummy is nearly the same color as her upper body.  Her black eyes and black nose stand out in contrast to the lighter color of her coat. 

Steppe 7 10 18d

Steppe- Available

Steppe is an amazing black male with one white dot of hair on his chin. His adult coat will curly and soft. He seldom misses a meal and loves to snuggle with his litter mates. At 2 weeks of age, he is in the middle at 2 pounds and 4 ounces. His good looks and pleasing personality will capture your heart!

Maddy 7 10 18b












Maddy- Available

Maddy is one of our 2 cream colored females. She has an inbuilt nature to explore her world. Her light colored coat is going to be soft and curly. She too has a sweet temperament and loves to be with people. Weight watchers will want to know she is second to the largest at 2 pounds and 8 ounces. She is another baby to be proud of!


Boomer 7 10 18a


Boomer- Available

Boomer is one of 2 black males in the litter. His curly black coat is unmarked except for a tiny bit of white between his paw pads. He is the biggest baby right now, he weighs 2 pounds and 9 ounces.  His mommy, Sugarbell, is so proud of him! 

Finny 7 10 18b

Finny- Available

Hi, my name is Finny. I am the only cream colored male in the litter. My eyes are not fully opened yet, but that doesn't slow me down. I am a light cream color with slightly darker ears. My neck and chest are even lighter than my back.  My coat will be a straight and so soft. My baby pink nose is now black. At 2 weeks I weigh 2 pounds and 9 ounces. I would be delighted to be your forever friend.

Gracie 7 10 18b

Gracie- Available 

Meet our precious little black girl named Gracie. Gracie weighs almost 2.5 pounds at 2 weeks. She has a beautiful staight coat and her only markings are the white hair in each of her four paws. Gracie does what all 2 week old puppies do.. Eat, sleep and let Mommy Sugar Bell clean up any messes!  

Muffet 7 10 18b








Muffet- Available 

Muffet is one our 2 black female babies. At 2 weeks her eyes are open and she is taking baby steps. Muffet weighs in at 2 pounds at 2 weeks old. Her chin and her paws have a few white hairs on them. Her coat is wavy/curly.