Trina 7 16 2020FF

Trina, now Lucy, will be making her way to Arizona. She is sweet to the core. Her new family is planning to do some advanced training with Lucy! 

Patty 7 16 2020KK

Patty - Spoken for

Oreo 7 16 2020YY

Oreo, now Obi, is going to be moving to New York!! He is another great example of an Australian Cobberdog. 

Nettie 7 16 2020KK 

Nettie - Spoken for

Jet 7 16 2020UU 

Jet - Spoken for

Jade 7 16 2020DD

Jade, now Coco, your personality is truely a great example of what the Australian Cobberdog was bred for!! You will be a family pet for the Cunningham family in Florida! 

Gigi 7 16 2020XX

Gigi, what a special gal you are. Inside, you are filled with compassion and connectivity! You have a wonderful personality that is eager to learn. Outside, you have a great shaped head, a lovely parchment colored coat, and to top it off it is wavy fleece!! You are definitely the girl we were looking to add to our breeding program!! So now we wait for your DNA results to come back, and also for you to grow up a little so we can get good pictures of your joint structure! We are super impressed with you Gigi!! 

Bing 7 16 2020SSS

Bing - Spoken for

Bart 7 16 2020CC 

Bart, now Brody, you sweet thing!! You are headed to Massachusetts. I know the Strachman's will give you a great home and teach you a lot of things!! You have a great look and I am super happy for you buddy!! 

Andy 7 16 2020VV 

Andy - Spoken for

Magic 8 29 19f

We are looking for a foster family for Magic. She is an excellent running partner!!