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Coco is a real charming little gal.  Her out going personalitly and playfulness combine to give many hours of pure entertainment and pleasure. She has a cuteness that melts you and a love that is unmatched!  Her bit of orneriness just adds spice to her life. If you are looking for Miss Petite, you have it right here. At 15 weeks, she weighs just under 10 pounds. She easily fits on your arm or in your lap.   If you are tired of being alone in your house, this gal will be a great, entertaining companion.  If you are going shopping or visiting, she loves ride with you.   All this combines to  make her the adorable puppy she is. Coco is house trained, she walks well on a leash, she obeys voice commands, and she is experiencing family life in our home in preparation for her transition to her new family. There is only one little Coco in this litter.  Dont miss your chance on this special little gal! 


Izzy and Spike had 7 beautiful babies. All of the babies have wavy/curly coats wihich is great for people with allelrgies. The puppies will all be miniature in size, maturing at only 15-25 pounds. 

Max 2 25 19b

Max is a fun loving ball of curls with eyes that are meant to get your attention.  His coat is chocolate but it may get lighter with maturity. Max is a friendly  male with a fun personality. He likes to be held and do fun puppy stuff. He has lots of kisses to share.. full of love and energy! Max is looking for his forever home.. are you that lucky person/ family?

Jackson 2 25 19h

Here is our chocolate boy named Jackson. The little guy was a solid chocolate color, but in the last month his muzzle has lightened to a cafe' color. His bright eyes are light colored and his nose is rose colored. Jackson is a very sweet and rather laid back in personality. He is doing well with potty training.. he stays dry in the crate over night and all pooping is done outside. Playing in the snow is great fun... playing with litter mates and doing puppy stuff fills his days when he is not catching a nap. Puppies are also getting used to leash walking. Jackson is looking for you.. are you looking for him?

Nellie 2 25 19b

Nellie is a cool caramel colored baby. Nellie has a laid back personality.. not quite as inquisitive and she is content being held. She has a fluffy fleece coat which will be easy to care for. Here is another winner from Labes Australian Cobberdogs.. Don't miss this chance to add a sweet light colored girl to your family!! Nellie wants to meet you if you are looking for a gentle, bright eyed female. She is so charming!

Carly 2 25 19d

Carly is the largest puppy in Izzy and Spike's litter.  He will probably be a bit larger than the others when he is mature.  His cool caramel coat is amazing. The cool caramel color is similar to the cream coat color except that Carly doesn't have a black nose... therefore his color cannot be cream!  Carly has a lot of fun just being a puppy.  His playfulness and love of life and people are amazing. This  handsome guy will bring lots of love and laughter to your home.  Don't let this charmer get away...   

Willie 2 25 19k

Willie is a warm caramel color with a rose colored nose and light colored eyes. This boy loves to explore and learn about things around him. He leads the pack in checking out new things. Willie loves to give kisses and if you are wanting a baby with puppy breathe, now is the time to make your selection... Willie and his litter mates are learning to do business outside! They are staying dry in the crates overnight! All pooping is done outdoors! They have a great start on house training!

Maddy -Available to a special Family. Maddy is such a precious girl that we are offering her as a breeding girl or as a pet!

We have done all of her DNA and Hip / Elbow testing. She has passed and is well qualified to be a mother. Click here to ask for test results and pricing.

Maddy is one of our 2 cream colored females. She has an inbuilt nature to explore her world, but only after she weighs the options carefully. Her light colored coat is going to be soft and curly. She too has a sweet temperament and loves to be with people. Maddy is another baby to be proud of!

Gracie- Available. She already has introductory training and is past the "puppy stage!"

At 8 months, Gracie weighs in at 21 pounds. Her coat is black with some silver showing across her back. Her coat is straight, no curls. She is a beauty and promises to keep her good looks for a life time. There is a fun, playful streak in Gracie and she will be a very pleasing companion. This spunky gal will give you a life time of thrills and pleasure. She is a quick learner and adapts to situations. She has introductory trayning and doing great! Don't pass up this gal.. she is a keeper!

Muffet- Available.

At 8 months old,  Muffet continues displaying her sweet, winning personality.  Muffet loves human interacton, she has an inborn desire to please and a cunning way of getting people to join her activities.  Muffet shows patience in situations where others may be more aggressive. Muffet's coat is  predominately black with some brown showing around her ears. Her shiny eyes catch your attention. Muffet weighs 25 pounds now, she will probably weigh around 30 pounds as an adult. Last but not least, Muffet has done well with house training and learning how to thrive with a family. This lovely gal is looking for her forever home... Are you looking for her?

Jimbo 5 29 18 a

Jimbo- Available to Foster Family

Hey you big fellow, we are just going to hang on to you for stud services. You are one handsome, loving guy! You are so compassionate and loving. You babysit the little pups while they are getting used to a leash by bring them toys to play with and just laying there right beside them. You come up to me and sit gazing into my eyes as if are wondering what you can do for me! We are proud to have you in our breeding program. 

If you are interested in being foster parent for our Jimbo Click here.