Muffet- Available.

At 8 months old,  Muffet continues displaying her sweet, winning personality.  Muffet loves human interacton, she has an inborn desire to please and a cunning way of getting people to join her activities.  Muffet shows patience in situations where others may be more aggressive. Muffet's coat is  predominately black with some brown showing around her ears. Her shiny eyes catch your attention. Muffet weighs 25 pounds now, she will probably weigh around 30 pounds as an adult. Last but not least, Muffet has done well with house training and learning how to thrive with a family. This lovely gal is looking for her forever home... Are you looking for her?


Our first litter from Tegans Remington and Arrowhead Sugarbell was so amazing, we had to do a repeat production. We were blessed with 7 beautiful black and cream colored babies. Once again Sugarbell has been a perfect mom!

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