Muffet- Available.

Muffet is one our 2 black female babies. At 2 weeks her eyes are open and she is taking baby steps. Muffet weighs in at 2 pounds at 2 weeks old. Her chin and her paws have a few white hairs on them. Her coat is wavy/curly. 

Our first litter from Tegans Remington and Arrowhead Sugarbell was so amazing, we had to do a repeat production.  We were blessed with 7 beautiful black and cream babies. Once again Sugarbell has been a perfect mom! 

At 6 weeks of age, Muffet weighs in at 6 pounds and 2 ounces.  Her curls are beginning to show up, giving her a beautiful black, curly coat. Muffet is anxious to meet her forever family.. Is that you?  


11 weeks old ...Muffet weighs 12 pounds and 2 ounces.  Her curls are still all black.  She has a sweet, gentle nature ..  she shows patience in an active situation. 



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