Here is our chocolate boy named Jackson. The little guy was a solid chocolate color, but in the last month his muzzle has lightened to a cafe' color. His bright eyes are light colored and his nose is rose colored. Jackson is very sweet and rather laid back in personality. He is doing well with potty training.. he stays dry in the crate over night and all pooping is done outside. He, along with his litter mates, is learning to walk calmly on a leash. Jackson enjoys playing outdoors in the sunshine and playing with litter mates.  He is also very connected with humans.  Jackson makes outstanding eye contact and loves being with people.  Old and young alike will enjoy this mini cobberdog. Jackson is looking for you.. are you looking for him?

There are still a couple puppies available. Don't wait to adopt your puppy! They are ready to join your family! We do offer training if you want your puppy house trained. 

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