Bo has been chosen!!

 At 7 weeks, Bo firmly keeps his spot as the largest puppy in the litter!  He is the first puppy to reach the 7 pound threshold. He is such a handsome fellow. He catches attention when we go to stores to meet pet lovers.  People are amazed at how much difference there is between the largest and smallest of the litter.  Both are the caramel color and and comparing them is so fun! If you are interested in a light colored male, Bo is the only light colored male in this litter.  Non shedding coats are the normal with Australian Cobberdogs. If you are used to sheddiing pets, you are in for a rare treat with these lovely puppies. Many people who suffer from allergies are so pleased with Cobberdogs, because the Cobberdogs do not trigger allergic reactions. This breed is the upcoming pet of the future. Don't snooze and lose... get your reservation in today! 

  • B0-11-28-19F
  • Bo-1-13-2020E
  • Bo-1-13-2020EE
  • Bo-1-6-2020A
  • Bo-1-6-2020C
  • Bo-11-28-19A
  • Bo-11-28-19B
  • Bo-11-28-19D
  • Bo-11-28-19E
  • Bo-11-28-19G
  • Bo-11-28-19H
  • Bo-12-11-2019A
  • Bo-12-11-2019B
  • Bo-12-11-2019C
  • Bo-12-16-20119B
  • Bo-12-16-2019A
  • Bo-12-16-2019D
  • Bo-12-24-2019A
  • Bo-12-24-2019C
  • Bo-12-30-2019A
  • Bo-12-30-2019DD
  • Bo-12-5-2019A
  • Bo-12-5-2019C
  • Bo-12-5-2019G
  • Group-11-28-19A