Hank has been chosen!!

Hank and his litter mates are 7 weeks old.  At 7 weeks, puppies are getting their teeth and also are weaned.  Life is more exciting when you can actually chew and latch on to toys. We have been to the pet friendly stores to meet other puppies and lots of pet lovers. It seems everyone is quite charmed by this boy!  Hank's coat does not have light under tones, so I think he will keep his dark chocolate color for a while! HANK is a chocolate male born to Izzy and Spike. This gentleman is going to be a real handome, friendly,  calm, and adorable guy. He is allergy friendly and his low-nonshedding coat will be beyond amazing.  We expect Hank to mature around 28 - 32 pounds.  Hank will be easy to train and be a candidate for a therapy dog. You don't want to miss out on this special chocolate boy..


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