Rollie is available!

Rollie is 7 weeks old.  He is very playful with toys and romping with his litter mates. He loves to have human interaction. Rollie is a solid chocolate colored male.  There are no white markings on him. Rollie's coat is light underneath so I believe he will be lighter brown as a adult. He is a very fine fellow who displays loyalty and calmness. He is very in touch with the humans around him.  His friendliness and zest for life will last a lifetime. Here is another companion for the very young, the young,  or the young at heart.  This guy will love the out-of- doors, but he will also be calm and attentive indoors.  So if a Cobberdogs gets restless indoors, take him outside for a good run and fresh air. He will return to the house refreshed and ready to attend your needs. Stay in touch for more pics as the puppies grow and develop. We expect Rollie to reach a mature weight around 27-32 pounds.

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