Gigi 4 20 2020JJ

Gigi was welcomed to her forever home  by Rob and Beth in New Hampshire.

Gigi is the only dark, black, female. She is keeping up with Oslo in size. She weighed 15 ounces at birth and at 8 days she weighed 34 ounces. This beauty has a sleek, shiny pure black coat. But wait, is there a touch of chocolate peeking through? It depends on the lighting. We will watch for further developments on the color! We are anticipating a loose fleece coat and  wonderful temperament in this girl. Gigi will most likely join Labes Cobberdogs breeding program as a medium female. She will carry a variety of colors and bring great qualities to other babies. 

We are happy to announce the arrival of a beautiful litter of puppies from Labes Hidden Treasure (Zoey) and Arrowhead Storm Cloud CCX (Cloud). These babies arrived on March 5, 2020. There are 3 light colored babies and 2 dark babies. These babies have wonderful parentage. Cloud proudly shows off a loose fleece caramel coat. Zoey wears a curly cream colored coat. Both are medium size. Both are super friendly and people oriented. Puppies will inherit many pleasing qualities from both parents, such as the ability to understand and care for people, the flexibility to sit quietly with an elderly person or to run and play with the younger generation. Puppies  are very smart and will be easy to train. They pick up on human conversations. They will learn to obey voice and signal commands. They will be loyal companions and friends for life. These allergy friendly babies will have very low to non shedding coats… a quality that all animal lovers have come to appreciate and desire. 

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