Magic 8 29 19f

We are looking for a foster family for Magic. She is an excellent running partner!! 

We are looking for a foster family for Magic. You need to live relatively close to the Northwest part of Indiana and be willing to allow Magic to be back with me for mommy duties. We need to be able to trust each other and work with honesty and integrity! This is an unique opportunity with limited dogs available!!!

Magic, little girl, you are one sweet little ladybug! As a future female breeder, you will hold a special spot in our program of producing the best dogs out there! We are excited about watching you grow and mature into a fine breeder... hugs to you!

Her original brindle color is fading and it is being replaced with an attractive silver. Magic loves being with people and likes to be snuggled. She is happiest being near people and interacting with them. This charming little girl will be an awesome companion and addition to a family. Magic has matured at 22 pounds. 

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