Why would you decide to adopt puppy from me?

I have always loved dogs, and have dreamed of raising puppies. I wanted the puppies I offered to be excellent with toddlers, elderly people, people with special needs, and people with allergies. In addition to my high standards, I wanted puppies that do not shed, would be comfortable in large homes as well as apartments, would be playful, would love to cuddle, and would be exceptionally healthy. 

As I researched different breeds, I was not satisfied with the results I was finding. Was I looking for too much from one breed? I didn't think I was. As I am a perfectionist, I do not stop until I have found what I am looking for and I am satisfied with the results. So I did not stop looking for my ideal breed. Finally, I remembered my friend who offers an unique breed of puppies. I called him, and talked with him about his dogs. To my amazement, the puppies that he raises fit my expectations!! Can you imagine my excitement as I learned about this spectacular breed!!! On top of all of these key features, these dogs need you to thrive, and they have a special way of connecting to your emotions and desires.


The question is: What is this "miracle" breed called? It is the AUSTRALIAN COBBERDOG!!



The Australian Cobberdogs continue to amaze me with their connectivity. It melts my heart when I am approaching them, and they sit and look so deeply into my eyes with anticipation! When I pick them up and they wrap their front legs around my neck as a hug, and gaze into my eyes, there is a DEEP connection between us. I can NOT imagine life with out my Australain Cobberdogs.

We prepare your puppy to transition from our care to your care. We want your puppy to be as prepared as possible for his life with you! From birth, your puppy is given special care, love, and attention. Your puppy will experience travel both in a crate and loose in our vehicles. Your puppy will be introduced to walking on a leash in our yard and in the park. Your puppy will make new friends at the park and in pet friendly stores. Your puppy will be very well socialized! Durning these time of socializing, your puppy will learn acceptable behaviors. We take time to introduce your puppy to brushing, trimming, bathing, and blow drying. This reduces your puppy's fear when you take him for his first grooming appointment. 

In addition to our exceptional love and care, we offer to house and leash train your new family member! During house training your puppy will learn to ring the bell to go out side to do his "business." Your puppy will be introduced to normal household noises such as the vacuum, clothes washer and dryer, music, etc. Voice commands are another way we train your puppy. We work with your puppy to sit, stay, crate, down, and come. Depending on your enviorment, and how you want your puppy to be trained, we can train your puppy to sleep in a crate by himself, in a crate with another dog, or you can choose to have your puppy trained to cuddle in your bed. We train your puppy to fit your specific desires and environment, as much as we can. This customized training will help your puppy adjust to your life style with ease, and is one more way we feel we can serve you!! 

As I work with my exceptional puppies and parent dogs, I treat them with great respect and love. They bring so much laughter, joy, and pleasure into my home, and they deserve the BEST. I am committed to doing everything possible to raise the healthiest puppies I can. All of the parents go through very thorough health screenings to ensure the health and integrity of your new best friend. Personally, I refuse to settle for anything less than the BEST, and why should you? YOU SHOULDN'T!!

Listed here are some of the tests that I do on my parent dogs.