Magic 8 29 19f

Magic, little girl, you are one sweet little ladybug! As a future female breeder, you will hold a special spot in our program of producing the best dogs out there! We are excited about watching you grow and mature into a fine breeder.


Izzy is a wonderful example of what an Australian Cobberdog should be. She looks deep into your eyes, is super friendly, and she loves affection. She sports a wonderful, cafe', non-shedding, wool coat! She is miniature/medium in size! Izzy has passsed all of her tests and my strict standards for such a special job of mothering Australian Cobberdog puppies! 

Hidden Treasure (Zoey) was born to Sugar Bell and Tucker on December 15, 2014. She passed all of her testing with A+! She is a wonderful mother and is an amazing companion. She is apricot/cream and has a wonderful non-shedding, hypoallergenic, soft, fleece coat.


This is our girl Silver Lining Laughter (Sugar bell). Sugar Bell was my first Australian Cobberdog, and was born to Arrowhead Australian Labradoodles, on June 24, 2011. I brought Sugar Bell to her new home in August 2011. It has been a pure joy working with her and watching her grow into motherhood. Sugar Bell was an exceptional loving mother, with a perfect record!

Sugar Bell was born with a black coat which had a touch of silver at her hair roots. Her coat has changed to a gorgeous silver. 

Sugar Bell has been retired. She was the best mother we could have hoped for. The only puppy we ever needed to help her with was Boomer. She never lost a pup!!