Dan & Marla
Dan & Marla have welcomed Captain Johnson into their home.

Laban- we had a great and beautiful fall weekend and I have to tell you how wonderful this dog is! Danny and I look at each other literally every day wondering how we got such a good and loving dog!
Yes I believe a good part of it is his make up as an Australian Labradoodle but I also strongly suspect that you and your family must have treated him with great love and care- he is so friendly with everyone adults and children and is so playful with all the other dogs in the park.
We feel very lucky- and I just want to thank you - Marla

Amy Holmes Riley
Amy says this about Bandit

  We love our dog Bandit. Very well mannered. Such a loving addition to our family. He loves both our boys so much. He is calm and plays with our one year old and 3 year old so well. Laban has trained our dog very well in preparation for us to have Bandit. Great people!




Comments from Kim about Dez & Winnie

"Dez is too sweet thismorning!"
"Thanks again for raising such awesome dogs!!"
"His eyelashes kill me!"

And Now Winnie!

"Laban-she is a really good dog- couldn't ask for any better- so sweet and smart :)"
"Sweet as ever" "She is an incredible dog Laban! She is very smart and so loving!" "Win is a funny girl!"
Winnie even likes bubbles!!

Nick from Dubai
Nick has this to say about Zach

"He is doing great and we love him."

Coopers Dad
Coopers Dad

"Cooper is doing great. He loves playing fetch and is a great swimmer. He goes to puppy camp a few days each month and gets along with everyone and all dogs. He is the star at the hardware store and comes to work every day. He does well in a 30 foot lead and I am letting him off leash on some of our hikes. He is the perfect size and is such a happy boy"