Jazz a 8 26 16Jazz b 8 11 16Jazz has been adopted and now lives in New York! 

Jazz is a super sweet and gentle boy. While I am working at the computer, he will come to me and put his head under my arm. He will proceed to look up at me with his star filled eyes that just beg to noticed. Who can resist such a sweet heart? I have to stop and give him the attention and love he deserves. Jazz longs to snuggle and be close to you. Each morning as soon he wakes up he is there to snuggle! He will be playing, and then will stop for love, and then will resume his play. He will be great for someone who is lonely or who wants a nearby, hands-on friend. Jazz is in the final stages of house and basic training, and he does very good walking through the park on a leash.

For more information email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or call/text me at 574-806-5839. You will not be disappointed!!

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