Maddy -Maddy has gone to live in Pennsylvania with her forever family. At 14 mnths of age, Maddy was house trained and has adjusted very well to her duties in her new home and aslo in the fabric retail shop.  Customers enjoy her presence and friendly demeanor. Maddy, you are a very gentle lady. We miss you at Labes Australian Cobberdogs, but we know you have a wonderful family and you are making a lot of new friends. I know you will be treasured for a lot of years and as more people get to know you, you will be a shining star wherever you are. Have a happy life, dear girl!

After just a couple of days this is the note we recieved from Maddy's family!! "She is queen of the stairs and everyone at the shop just loves her! She is loving life here and has adjusted well to her new home. Please tell Laban that we thank him for deciding to these special dogs who bring joy to the lucky ones who have them."

Our first litter from Tegans Remington and Arrowhead Sugarbell was so amazing, we had to do a repeat production. We were blessed with 7 beautiful puppies, 4 black and 3 cream babies. Once again Sugarbell has been a perfect mom! Maddy is one of our 2 cream colored females. She has an inbuilt nature to explore her world. Her light colored coat is going to be soft and curly. She too has a sweet temperament and loves to be with people. She is another baby to be proud of!

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