Steppe - Preparing to go to his forever home! Age: 3 months

Our first litter from Tegans Remington and Arrowhead Sugarbell was so amazing, we had to do a repeat production.  We were blessed with 7 beautiful puppies, 4 black and 3 cream babies. Once again Sugarbell has been a perfect mom! 

Steppe is a wonderful, black male with one white dot of hair on his chin. His adult coat will be curly and soft. He seldom misses a meal and loves to snuggle with his litter mates.

At 11 weeks of age, he weighs 12 pounds and 6 ounces. Steppe's curly coat is still all black except for the spot on his chin. His good looks and pleasing personality has captured someone's heart! Someone is anxiously waiting to welcome Steppe to his new home!  Congratulations, Steppe and your new family! 


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