Carly went to his forever home on Christmas Day 2019... Have a happy life, Sweet Baby

!In time for Christmas.. a perfect gift to others or yourself!

Just in time for Christmas. A house trained puppy that is one year old and needs a home! Carly was chosen by a family and was waiting to meet his new family. By the turn of events, he never got to go to his new home. Carly is looking for a family that will appreciate a trained dog. He loves car rides, he does not mess in the house, he walks on a leash.. he is a really cool puppy!  Gentle and tuned in to humans is how i describe his personality. Carly is ready to become part of your family immediately.  Carly is the largest puppy in Izzy and Spike's litter.  He will mature a bit larger than the others. At 12 months he weighs 27 pounds. His cool caramel coat is amazing. Carly has a lot of fun just being a puppy.  His playfulness and love of life and people are amazing. This  handsome guy will bring lots of love and laughter to your home. Carly has had extensive house training and does very well on road trips. He is an amazing companion and buddy. This guy is a keeper.. he is ready to join you in your home!   You will benefit when you get this house trained boy. No accidents amd he is used to sleeping uninterrupted  in a crate all night.  Carly obeys voice commands, knows sit, come, yes, no, and more.  He is always ready to jump in for a car ride. He does well leash walking. Training fees will apply. 

There are still a couple puppies available. Don't wait to adopt your puppy! They are ready to join your family! We do offer training if you want your puppy house trained. 

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