Teddy 1 27 2020B

Teddy has been adopted!!

Teddy is 13 weeks old.  All meals are eaten from a bowl! Toys are so much fun especially now that he has teeth.. you can actually grab ahold and tug on soft toys.. He is energetic and loves to run and play with his litter mates. Teddy is one of the male chocolate boys born to Izzy and Spike on November 25, 2019. Teddy has some white markings on his chest that give him his own unique look. This fine boy is one that will make someone very happy. He has a lot of energy and his love for life will stimulate anyone who gives him their attention. His non shedding coat is a bonus for any one who is tired of cleaning up after a shedding dog.

Update on training ... I have been walking on a leash and know how to go potty when taken outdoors. I sleep in the crate all night and hold my potty until it is time to go out in the morning! I am crate trained and I am sure all this prep training this will be a huge benefit when I go to my new forever home.

This friendly companion puppy will be a great addition to your family. Teddy is looking for you!

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