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Ozzie has found his forever family. OZZIE is trained!!!!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Ozzie is 17 weeks old.  Ozzie is one of five chocolate males in the litter of 8 puppies. Ozzie has an all chocolate coat with the only exception of a tiny bit of white on each back paw. This charming fellow is one that will forever be a playful, fun companion. In addtion to being playful, he can also be trained as a service or therapy dog. He inherited his dad's "smarts." He will be good at figuring out perplexing issues. Ozzie is just down right charming and becoming a real prince as he grows and developes. 

Update on training... "Recently I have learned about ringing the bell when I need to go out. Just for kicks and giggles, I ring the bell more often than necessary. I think going out is fun and I like to make them take me out... especially when we just come in... I ring the bell again!! My trainers would much rather take me out an extra time than take the chance that I potty in our home, so they are happy to take me back out. However, if I do it a couple times they give me a little crate time. I don't mind that either. They give me the funnest toys and the best real cow bones, and I love that!! I have been walking on a leash and learning voice commands. Like "Sit"... why do they tell me to sit?? But I know they mean well and I do enjoy the treats and extra attention I get when I sit. I do all night sleeps in the crate and I wait to potty in the morning untl we go out!! I haven't had an accident in the house for quite some time... I think they call it house trained! I am also crate trained. I am sure all this training will be a huge benefit when I go to my new forever home. 

I have had some very fun and interesting things to do in my young life. I like to go for vehicle rides to the vet and to pet friendly stores. When I was quite young, all 8 of us litter mates piled into a shopping cart and rode around in the store. The fun part was being held by adults and children. They made such complimentary comments and loved our coat colors. Now we are too big to ride safely in the carts, so we practice leash walking in the stores. We still draw attention from puppy lovers. both young and old. Another fun thing I did with some of my litter mates was take a road trip to Canada. We were gone 3 days. We took long walks in the snow banks (that was like 'king of the mountain") and we had a good time with our human cousins. 

These days I am pretty serious about learning manners and house rules. Humans take a lot of pride in a well behaved puppy! What do I want to be when I grow up? A well mannered puppy that can go any where and be loved by all."

Would you like to meet this endearing fellow? Ozzie is available! We are asking $3,500 for Ozzie. 

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