Mazie is has joined her new family and uncle Jazz!!! 

Izzy and Spike's babies 8 weeks old. They have gone from creeping and crawling to walking and running.  Toys are so much fun.. Those new teeth get put to use as they play tug of war. They are getting  solid food now and none of mom's milk. They are so playful and fun to hold.  Mazie has lighter fur under her coat which indicates she will have a lighter brown coat as an adult. Mazie is truly an amazing little gal.  Her loyalty, gentleness, intuitiveness, playfulness, and generous personality combine to make her one of a kind.  She has  two white markings that identify her in a her sibling group. There is s tiny white spot on her neck and she has one white toe. Have you met your dream girl? Stake your claim!

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