Oreo 7 16 2020YY

Oreo, now Obi, is going to be moving to New York!! He is another great example of an Australian Cobberdog. 


Izzy and Cody have given us 10 wonderful puppies!! They gave us a split of 5 boys and 5 girls. The puppies are chocolate, carmel, parchment, and cafe' colored. They have given us some wonderful wavy fleece coats along with a couple of curly coats.

  • OREO-7-29-2020PPP
  • Oreo-6-16-2020JJJ
  • Oreo-6-16-2020KKK
  • Oreo-6-16-2020MMM
  • Oreo-7-16-2020XX
  • Oreo-7-16-2020YY