Trina 7 16 2020FF

Trina, now Lucy, will be making her way to Arizona. She is sweet to the core. Her new family is planning to do some advanced training with Lucy! 

Patty 7 16 2020KK

Patty, now Ruby, is headed to TX. to join a lovely family. She will have both human siblings and other dog sibling. Eventually she will also be getting a sibling from Magic's litter!! We are super excited for the Doellinger family! 

Oreo 7 16 2020YY

Oreo, now Obi, is going to be moving to New York!! He is another great example of an Australian Cobberdog. 

Nettie 7 16 2020KK 

Nettie, now Clover, has joined her family here in northern Indiana! She is such a sweet cuddle bug. Her family specifically wanted on that loves to cuddle, and they got that!! 

Jet 7 16 2020UU 

Jet, our precious boy. Your new name is Kramer. You have such a fun life ahead of you. Your mom and dad are a royal hoot!!! Enjoy life in New York my little buddy!!! Keep the Katz family in line!!!