Maddy -Maddy has gone to live in Pennsylvania with her forever family. At 14 mnths of age, Maddy was house trained and has adjusted very well to her duties in her new home and aslo in the fabric retail shop.  Customers enjoy her presence and friendly demeanor. Maddy, you are a very gentle lady. We miss you at Labes Australian Cobberdogs, but we know you have a wonderful family and you are making a lot of new friends. I know you will be treasured for a lot of years and as more people get to know you, you will be a shining star wherever you are. Have a happy life, dear girl!

After just a couple of days this is the note we recieved from Maddy's family!! "She is queen of the stairs and everyone at the shop just loves her! She is loving life here and has adjusted well to her new home. Please tell Laban that we thank him for deciding to these special dogs who bring joy to the lucky ones who have them."

Boomer- has found his forever family and he is at home with them.

Boomer is one of 2 black males in the litter. His curly black coat is unmarked except for a tiny bit of white between his paw pads. He is the biggest baby, he weighs 26 pounds.  His mommy, Sugarbell, is so proud of him! 

Finny- Finny went to his forever home. 

Hi, my name is Finny. I am the only cream colored male in the litter. My eyes are not fully opened yet, but that doesn't slow me down. I am a light cream color with slightly darker ears. My neck and chest are even lighter than my back.  My coat will be a straight and so soft. My baby pink nose is now black. At 2 weeks I weigh 2 pounds and 9 ounces. I would be delighted to be your forever friend.



Gracie-   Our sweet heart Gracie has found her forever home. Her family is so in love with her. Be happy Gracie, and know we loved having you in our family. Go make your new family happy and make new friends.. Have a wonderful life! You are so beautiful, your personality matches your looks.  






At 14 months, Gracie weighs in at 33 pounds. Her coat is black with some silver showing across her back. Her coat is wavy fleece. She is a beauty and promises to keep her good looks for a life time. There is a fun, playful streak in Gracie and she will be a very pleasing companion. This spunky gal will give you a life time of thrills and pleasure. She is a quick learner and adapts to situations. She has house training as well as other basic training and she is doing great! Don't pass up this gal.. she is a keeper!

Muffet- Available. Muffet is house trained and has learned other family living skills!

Great and happy news for Muffet. Muffet is preparing to join her forever family just in time for Thanksgiving!  At 14 months old,  Muffet continues displaying her sweet, winning personality.  Muffet loves human interacton, she has an inborn desire to please and a cunning way of getting people to join her activities.  Muffet shows patience in situations where others may be more aggressive. Muffet's coat is  predominately black with some brown showing around her ears. Her shiny eyes catch your attention. Muffet weighs 35 pounds now,  Last but not least, Muffet has done well with house training and learning how to thrive with a family. This lovely gal is looking for her forever home... Are you looking for her?