Ace is being adopted by a family in Indiana.. Are you going to be the "gentle Giant?" Happy life our sweet boy! Love your human family and have fun with Bandit, He will be a great companion for you.. he will show you around and help you. Bandit is one Sugar Bell's very first babies! Bandit is aslo is phantom!

 Ace is our unique phantom boy.  He is trading in his black coat for a silver one with the apricot phantom markings. This boy has loose waves which are very attractive. Talk about kisses, this boy has lots to give! Ace will be one of our bigger puppies as an adult.  He will probably mature aaround 25-35 pounds. This lover-boy is looking for his forever home... are you looking for him ? 

Breeze now known as Josie, lives with a family with 4 children in Indiana. Give everyone lots of hugs and kisses, you are one sweet baby girl!

 Breeze is the sweetest little girl. She has a sweet gentle personality that loves to be with you! She is a great cuddle bug and loves to play with you. Her coat is also exceptional, as it is soft wavy fleece. She brings so much joy to the home. She will mature to about 25-30 pounds! 

Lem 8 26 16

Sugar Bell's boy Lem has been adpoted!

Lem is an energetic boy that loves to run, play and like going on walks!! He has a wonderful coat that is blending into silver. When mature Lem will have an amazing soft, wavy, fleece coat.

Kip a 8 19 16

Kip is such a sweet boy!! He house trained easily and his new family is in love with him. He is very friendly and sociable with all of his human cousins. 

Chase a 2 15 17

Chase has been adopted. He is such a sweet, caring, gentle boy. His new family can not wait to have him join their family.