Zoey's girl Keisha has been adopted and was anxious to meet her new family!! She has moved to New York, and is adjusting to her new life and family!  

Keisha is one of a kind! She sports a caramel-warm, soft wavy fleece coat. She is only 5 pounds, and is a bundle of JOY! She is super happy, friendly, and is affectionate. 

Libby a 9 22 16Libby 8 26 16Libby has been adopted! 

Meet our mini Australian Cobberdog named Libby. This happy gal will steal your heart in minutes. If mini is your preferred size, this precious little prize winner is for you. One evening Laban was holding Libby when he was asked to do a favor. Now he has a choice, put Libby on the floor so he can lend a hand, or should Libby be given a favored seat in the garden window? Laban chose the window seat for Libby. She contentedly sat there until the dishes were washed! Libby is completely house trained She is trained to ring the bell to let us know when she needs to go out. She knows and follows commands such as sit and stay, go to the crate, come, and run! She understands "no" and "good girl!" Libby weighs 12 pounds. Libby has blossomed into a delightful, playful, entertaining little girl! She loves to go on walks and to be silly, but she is also totally content to snuggle on a lap in quiet companionship. Fetching toys and hoarding them makes her happy. Her multi-colored coat gives her a unique look! Her all black muzzle contrasts her lighter colored body. Libby will mature to about 15-20 pounds and has a soft fleece coat. She does not shed!! She is not going to cause an allergic reaction to someone who has dog allergies. 

Zena b 9 22 16

Zena is such a cuddle bug!! She loves to snuggle and sit on your lap. Her family loves her laid back personality. 

Vita c 9 22 16

Zoey's girl Vita has been adopted! She has moved to Oregon. Vita is a gentle cuddly girl. She is small enough to comfortably sit on your lap, hold in your arms, and share the recliner with you. 

Yen a 9 22 16

Sugar Bell's girl Yen Has been adopted and has moved to Dallas! Her new name is Langley!

Yen is a queen! She has an amazing coat! When her coat has matured, she will prance around in a creamy, super soft, wavy fleece coat. This coat is very easy to care for, and brushes out effortlessly! Yen is friendly and good with children and elderly folks.