Jade 7 16 2020DD

Jade, now Coco, your personality is truely a great example of what the Australian Cobberdog was bred for!! You will be a family pet for the Cunningham family in Florida! 

Bing 7 16 2020SSS

Bing, Hey there mr. Baymax you go and light up your mom's office and greet all the clients in the most friendly and compassionate way you can!! Baymax has joined the Pence family!

Bart 7 16 2020CC 

Bart, now Brody, you sweet thing!! You are headed to Massachusetts. I know the Strachman's will give you a great home and teach you a lot of things!! You have a great look and I am super happy for you buddy!! 

Andy 7 16 2020VV 

Andy, now called Rio, you are such a sweet guy. Your will bring so much joy to the Winkler family! You go and thrive in your new home and environment!! 

Rollie 7 2020a

Welcome to our breeding program Rollie!!! 

Rollie is living with a great family close by.